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I am a Psychologist and I have worked as a Performance Coach in esports for the past 6+ years. I have worked in both amateur and professional esports with 50+ people in over 10 different games from Farming Simulator to League of Legends

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I offer psychological performance coaching for players, coaches and managers via Metafy. Find 1:1 Sessions, Group Sessions and various Trainingplans and choose what suits you best. 

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I offer resources, articles and Q&As with the aim of making psychological constructs more accessible and easily understood and relevant to your gaming experience.  

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Comprehensive Database of Performance Coaches connecting gamers looking for support around Health, Well-being and Performance with Experts from these fields.

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Biggest and most successful esports organisation in Switzerland. Home of over 30 athletes in 10+ games and the first comprehensive supporting structure for esports athletes in amateur esports.



Global Leader in Esports Training and Performance working with world class teams all over the globe. Making esports better at organisational, coaching and athlete level. 


Adamas Esports 
Performance + Training


One of the most influential esports clubs in europe competing in the biggest esports licenses. Eg. League of Legends European Championship and Ligue Française de League of Legends.

Team Vitality
League of Legends

Contact me

Discord: nina_silverborn

"Was coached by Nina on Swiss LoL team mYinsanity. I had multiple 1 on 1 sessions with her giving me tools that I still use till this day."

MikmerLOL, League of Legends Player

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